SnoreClock - Do you snore? Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

SnoreLab: The Snoring Analysis App Demonstration SnoreLab is an iPhone app that records, measures, and tracks snoring. It lets users test the effectiveness of snoring remedies and to measure the impact of factors such...

Android Snoring Apps: The Tech Guy 1157

Ed in Valencia, CA wants to find an Android app to help him with snoring. For the full episode, go to

Sleep as Android

NEW Updated Video: Play Store: Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Wakes you gently in optimal moment for pleasant...

SnoreClock Manual

Shows how to use SnoreClock Zeigt wie man SnoreClock verwendet.

SnoreRecorder Free

Explanation of the way of the recording and playback using SnoreRecorder free.

Quit Snoring - Improve Your Sleep (Smartphone App)

Quit Snoring (formerly "Snoring U" or "SU") is an iOS app that monitors and records sleep. SU was developed to help people who snore, as well as their spouses. It may help people who suffer...

Snore Detector PRO Application

Snoring Detector App is a unique method of tackling your snoring problems. During your sleep, when snoring is detected, the application will notify you with light and short pulses through a...

SnoreClock on Nexus 5 (Portrait)

Shows SnoreClock on Nexus 5 in portrait mode. Uncut version recorded from screen.

Nexus 5 Lens Blur: Any Good in 2017?

In this video I test the Nexus 5's "Lens Blur" mode and see if the quality still is impressive in 2017. (All shots are untouched) Sorry the video is poorly put together.

Iphone App Snore Inspector 1.2

Do you know if you snore when you sleep? Want to stop disturbing your partner? Snore Inspector can help solve these questions. It can record other sounds too. Snore Inspector remains always...

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